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Ready to Go Programs

  • Medicare Low Income Subsidy (LIS) for Rx
  • Mandated Reporting for Abuse and Neglect
  • Ethical Decision Making in Case Management
  • Strategies for Reducing Readmissions in Chronic Condition Patients
  • Communication for Collaboration
  • Patient Engagement Strategies
  • How to assist a patient in completing a POLST form
  • Understanding and Accessing Veteran’s Benefits
  • Understanding the Case Management Process
  • Reducing Readmissions: PACC Program Results
  • ER Case Management: Role and Goals
  • Transitional Care Management: Improving Care Across the Continuum
  • Exploring Complementary Alternative Medicine Options
  • Public Policy & the Healthcare Provider
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Professional Development Topics:

  • Networking is fun and good for you
  • How to Give a Presentation and NOT Die of Fright
  • Negotiation for Nurses
  • Yes! You Can Write Professionally.

Managed Care Topics:

  • Nurses Role in Managed Care
  • Negotiation for Nurses
  • Consumer Advocacy in Managed Care
  • Utilization Management
  • Reimbursement Overview
  • Future of Managed Care Nursing


  • Cultural Competency: What does Diversity Mean today?
  • Human Trafficking & the Role of the Case Manager RN/SW
  • Social Determinants of Healthcare: A Practical Application
  • Patient Experience and the Impact of the Case Manager
  • Capacity for Consent: Senior Sexuality
  • Impact of IMPACT
  • Point of View: Patient's Perspective of SDoH Impact on Readmissions
  • Health Literacy, Health Confidence and the Connection to Readmissions
  • Case Management: Past, Present and Future
  • Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program: Then & Now
  • Self Care for the Case Manager
  • Mindfulness as Self Care
  • The Value of Evidence Based Practice in Case Management
  • COVID 29 and the Impact on Transitions of Care: Lessons Learned
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Implicit Bias and Case Management (1 and 3 hour trainings available)
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